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Vancouver Lawyer, John P. Cheevers, has handled many criminal cases over his lengthy career as a criminal defense lawyer. It is astonishing that where there does not appear to be any hope of an acquittal, he can often pull the rabbit out of the hat and walk out of the court with his client who has been acquitted.

I consider myself so lucky to have found John Cheevers as my lawyer, if that had not happened I am sure I would have spent a number of years in jail.

My case is a once in a lifetime occurrence, I was in a pub in Maple Ridge drinking with some friends, we all left the Pub at approximately 2 a.m. to walk back to one of my friends house. While walking back another group of people, started to shout at us then approached us, a shoving match started, I hit the victim one time in the face, he fell back and was knocked out as his head hit the concrete ground, he received injuries serious enough to warrant a charge under s. 268(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada. (Aggravated Assault) he spent a long time in Hospital recovering.

John did a lot of preparation on this file, before trial he interviewed defense witnesses a number of times, he retained a expert review the circumstance of the punch and fall. Through out this time he kept me fully apprised of his progress.

The trial took two weeks to complete, I felt very confident with the way John conducted the trial, I was very impressed the way he cross-examined the witnesses for the Crown. At the end of the Trial the Judge pronounce me Not Guilty. It was the most trying time of my life. I cannot thank you enough John.


Thank you for persuading the Prosecutor not to proceed with the charge of Fraud, for using a forged U-Pass on the transit. I now realize how stupid it was to have such a pass; a conviction of Fraud would have definitely affected my career prospects when I graduate from University.

Thanks again, I have learned my lesson.


You will never know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. When I came to your office to talk to you about my case I was a bag of nerves, I had purchased some Marijuana, the police had observed the hand to hand transaction and immediately arrested me.

At the age of 54 and with and executive job and married 23 years with children, I thought I was doomed to have a criminal record. I appreciate that you worked extremely hard in convincing the Crown Counsel of the flaws in their case, and eventually persuading them not to proceed. Thank you, keep up the great work.


Another B.C. lawyer referred me to John; he assured me that John was the person to get the proper results for my case.

I was charged with a Sexual Assault, I became aware that if I received a criminal record for this offence, I would be removed from Canada. I am a national of India, in Canada on a two-year student visa.

John set the charge down for a trial date, which was a wait of four months, during that time, I was extremely worried, but John kept me informed of the progress. He explained to me as the Crown had a video of the alleged Sexual assault, we had just two options, either fight the charges in Court and win, or get the Crown to agree to a conditional discharge. The Crown would not agree to a Conditional discharge, that under the circumstance the Crown position was a criminal conviction was warranted.

Before the schedules trial date, John convinced the Prosecutor to drop the Sexual assault charge, and I would plea to Common Assault, with a joint submission to the Judge that I would be granted a Conditional discharge.

Thank you so much John for you diligent work, as a result I can remain in Canada and complete my studies.


Just a note to let you know that I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I thought it was a slam dunk case for the Prosecutor because the Police had found the drugs in my car. I don’t know how you convinced the Crown counsel not to proceed with the charges. Whatever you did it was a miracle.
Thank you, I will forever be indebted.


Thank you very much for all the hard work and the great result you got for me on the charge of Assault that I was facing. You saved me from having a criminal record and embarrassment at work and with friends. I will recommend you to any of my friends who may get into trouble with the law.



Thank you for getting me permission to stay in Canada.

I was so lucky to have you as my lawyer; you did brilliant work in maneuvering my case through the Courts. I got into a bar room brawl in Whistler, where I hit a chap over the head with a bottle, unfortunately I also cut his throat, I was charged with Assault causing bodily harm. The Prosecutor proceeded by way of Indictment. At the bail hearing the Crown wanted the Judge to detain me as I was from the UK. John convinced the Judge, that I was not a flight risk, and I would remain to face the charges. I knew that if I received a criminal record that I would be remove from Canada.

Later John convinced the Crown to proceed summarily; The charges were set down for a trial date, which was the longest six months of my life, John went above and beyond in keeping me informed of his progress. The Crowns position was that they would be looking for six months in Jail. A week before the trial when John was sure all the witnesses had been subpoenaed and
would be turning up for trial, he began to negotiate with the Prosecutor, The Crown would not agree to a conditional discharge, because of the nature of the charge they wanted me to get a criminal record.

When we went before the Judge, John made a wonderful submission, after which the Judge granted me a conditional discharge, which enables me to remain in Canada and pursue my career.

Thank you, John. Brilliant work.


I just want to thank you for that amazing job you did for me. I still cannot understand how you got an acquittal.

I know I was facing a long driving suspension and jail as I was facing my 5th impaired driving charge. I know I was facing increased punishment as my breath level was over 200 milligrams. Thank you, thank you, once again you saved my marriage and job, both of which I have had for over 20 years.



I went on my hunting trip for the first time in two years. I got a buck. I am pretty stoked. Thank you for your counsel a year ago and helping me get my guns back. I really appreciate you taking my case on. Your professionalism, understanding and guidance helped me to get a piece of my life back.

Thank you again. All the best,”


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