Sexual Assault

Defending sex assault cases is more than simply resolving the issue of consent. With the right preparation and the right cross examination, the prosecution can fall short of establishing the essential elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sex related offences under the Criminal Code of Canada can result in very serious consequences for a person accused of such. There are various sexually-related offences under the Criminal Code including, Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, and Sexual Interference with a Minor.

Sexual assault charges vary, and as a result, the punishments vary along with those charges – probation for less serious charges, whereas aggravated sexual assault carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The burden of proving an allegation of sexual assault rests with the Crown. If you are being accused of such, it is important to consult with a lawyer. An allegation of a sexual assault occurring in the past, but being charged at the present, can present numerous difficulties to your case – memories fade, therapy may have influenced the victim etc. – Consulting a lawyer for a case regarding sexual assault is a must, as a lawyer knows that there are many ways to defend a person accused of sexually related offences.