Narcotics and drugs in Canada are covered by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This is the act that sets out the types of chemicals and substances deemed illegal in Canada, the penalties involved in possessing these substances, all the way to cultivation, trafficking and import/export of illegal substances.


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While drug possession is typically seen as a lower-category drug offence, there are still significant consequences, including jail time, for simple possession where there was no intent to traffic drugs.

For simple possession offences for a drug like marijuana (a Schedule II substance), someone who is convicted may be sentenced to a prison term of up to five years in the most serious cases. In practice, this type of jail term will almost never happy for simple marijuana possession, but the law has nevertheless established these as the maximum penalties.

Trafficking charges are far more serious. If convicted, it has been established that the courts will typically consider jail time as an appropriate sentence.


Facing a drug charge? Call John at 604-685-8889.

Drug trafficking offences in Canada also come with minimum imprisonment terms if certain conditions are met. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act sets out that those convicted of trafficking will face a minimum term of one year in prison if:

  • the offence was committed for the benefit of, or at the direction of a criminal organization
  • if threats or violence were used to traffic drugs
  • if a weapon was used, or there were threats to use a weapon
  • if the person had a previous drug conviction, or were imprisoned for such a conviction, within the last 10 years

The penalty goes up, to two years minimum prison time, if any of these criteria are met:

  • if the drug trafficking offence was committed near or at a school, or near or at public places where young people frequent
  • if the drug trafficking was done in a prison
  • if the person involved a minor in committing the offence

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