Domestic Assault

An accusation of Domestic Assault can have a sizable impact on a family unit, particularly where children are a part of that unit. A charge of domestic assault can lead to a no contact order, which means that the accused cannot communicate with the victim both directly or indirectly; additionally, it often means that the accused is not able to return to the family home.

Punishment for a charge of Domestic Assault can range anywhere from a period of probation (coupled with anger management) to imprisonment. If a weapon was present and/ or used during the assault, imprisonment followed by a probationary period is likely.


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The government treats domestic assault cases seriously. The BC Attorney General has a set of guidelines that require police to:

  • Investigate all incidents of domestic violence thoroughly
  • Arrest and charge the offender where possible (possibly removing discretion from individual officers)
  • Refrain from other resolutions that do not involve arrest or charge

Defending domestic assault allegations in a family context must be flexible to take into account the future needs of the parties and the public interest in preserving family harmony. The courts understand and take domestic assault cases seriously, but it also recognizes the unique family dynamics that are inherent to each case. A criminal lawyer helps in the course of assessing the merits of the case, the family dynamic and the personalities in order to craft an appropriate solution.


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