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John Cheevers - Experienced Vancouver Criminal Lawyer
John Cheevers Vancouver Criminal Lawyer
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John Cheevers

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer



Experience matters


My name is John Cheevers. For over 39 years I have successfully defended clients charged with all criminal charges from murder to mischief. I conduct a vigorous defence for my clients from the investigation stage to acquittal.


I am an experienced Vancouver Criminal Lawyer with a proven record of success.


Over my careers as a criminal lawyer I have developed a reputation as a master trial strategist and a keen cross-examiner. My experience with all varieties of witnesses including police, civilians, and experts has earned me respect and admiration of my clients, colleagues and the Courts alike.


When you need a criminal lawyer, experience matters. If you would like to speak to me about your case, call me to arrange a free consultation. I will devote the focused attention that your case deserves to obtain the best result I can achieve for you.


That’s my promise. You can count on it.


Call 604-685-8889 to speak to me about your criminal case.

Commitment - John Cheevers is there with youCommitment

You don’t have to be afraid of going to court. John makes it his duty to explain each step of the court proceedings to our clients in language that they can understand. By helping our clients follow the process, and by providing realistic expectations of the outcomes, we take the mystery out of the court and the case.

Strong reputationReputation

John P. Cheevers, B.A, LL.B., J.D., has developed a reputation as a master trial strategist and a keen cross-examiner. His experience with all varieties of witnesses including police, civilians, and experts has earned him respect and admiration among clients, colleagues and the Courts alike. He is considered one of the foremost Criminal Law Lawyers in British Columbia.


John P. Cheevers, B.A, LL.B., J.D., has practiced Law in British Columbia for 39 years. John has focused on criminal law for the entirety of his career; defending criminal matters at all levels of court in British Columbia, as well as taking-on cases across the country.

John has earned a reputation as being a talented and accomplished Lawyer in the Province of British Columbia, who truly knows the ins-and-outs of the Canadian criminal justice system.


John Cheevers

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Biography


Called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1977, John Cheevers has practiced as a Barrister and Solicitor for nearly 40 years. Having studied in both Europe and Canada, John knew that his career would be based in Criminal Law.


In his long career, John has defended clients across the country, and at every level of court in British Columbia. His clients have been charged with a variety of criminal offences, including: assault, sexual assault, murder, manslaughter, drug-related offences, theft, and fraud, among many other offences.


As any experienced lawyer will tell their client, the key to winning a case at trial is preparation. A well informed client, coupled with an experienced and prepared lawyer are essential to succeeding in any court case. John continually achieves the best outcomes possible for his clients.


John is one of Vancouver’s foremost criminal lawyers. A master of Trial strategy, he is respected as a skilled cross-examiner of police, civilians and expert witnesses alike. His work has been kindly commented upon by a variety of Courts at all levels – a recent decision at the BC Court of Appeal made John the binding authority on the issue of unreasonable delay in serious criminal cases.


John treats his clients as he would expect to be treated, and strongly believes in keeping his clients up-to-date on their files and the progress being made. John is a fair and understanding lawyer. He understands that facing a criminal charge can have great ramifications on a person’s life. With nearly 40 years in practice, John knows how to help you navigate the emotional and stressful implications of being accused of a serious crime. There are few lawyers who can provide their clients with the experience and the level of professionalism that John Cheevers can.


If you have a serious criminal case, please do not hesitate to phone and set up an appointment. There is no charge for a consultation about your case. 604-685-8889.


Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault

Most assaults start with a war of words. There are two sides to every story. NEVER tell your side of the story to the police. Explain it to John Cheevers and he will make sure the judge understands your side of the story.

Sex assault

Sexual Assault
Defending sex assault cases is more than simply resolving the issue of consent. With the right preparation and the right cross examination, the prosecution can fall short of establishing the essential elements beyond a reasonable doubt. John Cheevers can help you if you are facing a sexual assault charge.

Uttering threats

Uttering Threats
What was said? Does it constitute a criminal offence? Most importantly, what was the context?
Human relations are complex. This is where experience matters. Every argument, every spoken word has been spoken before. But the context can tell the story.
John Cheevers has successfully defended countless alleged uttering threats cases. He knows how to make the case to properly defend his client.